Movement 4 Health

Instructor: Gabriela

Joseph Pilates devised a precise, gentle, non-aerobic approach to exercise very efficient as body-mind conditioning, which lengthens and strengthens the muscles, improves posture, without stressing the joints or the heart & gives you a leaner, suppler, more toned body and a calmer, more relaxed mind.


His method developed originally with Ballet Dancers, was very challenging for the average person. For this reason in 1995, Body Control Pilates (my training providers) developed a progressive approach suitable for everybody to make more accessible the full benefits of Pilates through the practise of basic exercises or “building blocks” that are the foundations of a good movement skill.


Since Body Control Pilates is widely considered as one of the world’s foremost professional Pilates organizations for ensuring a safe and effective teaching at the highest quality. The small class size ensures an individualized supervision from your teacher. Pilates is one of the safest forms of exercise available largely recommended now by physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors


At its core Body Control Pilates embraces the following eight principles:

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