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Improve Your Posture Restore Your Health Enhance Your Life


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“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement & methodical physical exercise save & preserve it” (Plato)

Your body needs to move to feel well, but only through good movement you can change how your body looks, feels & performs. Disregarding of your age, size or shape a regular practise of Pilates will promote a healthy life for you.


Improve Your Posture

Restore Your Health

Enhance Your Life

Pilates targets the deep postural muscles of your body by performing slow, smooth and controlled movements. Its aim is to mobilise stiff joints and to strengthen the muscles without straining them nor adding bulk. Good movement skill is coordinated with an adequate breathing technique to achieve & maintain core stability.


"Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it."

-Joseph Pilates

Time, age, life style… takes a toll on how your body moves and feels. Many health conditions appear as consequence of lack of physical activity too.

Pilates is a gentle and non-aerobic lifelong exercise method that teaches you how to improve the way you move in order to delay the onset of MSK conditions as well as to manage better their consequences.

Through improving your personal awareness and learning a path to connect body&mind, you will be in a better place to adapt to and manage better all the changes of your life. Renewed confidence in yourself will be just a consequence of your achievements

 “The art of Pilates is looking at the body and knowing the most direct way to address it”

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