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Instructor: Gabriela


Laura (Pilates Instructor)

I have known Gabriela for around 8 years - first as a participant of my class and more recently as a fellow instructor. Gabriela is an excellent role model for any instructorial role. She continually strides to not only communicate what she knows, in a clear enthusiastic manner, but also to develop herself with on going training and updated skills. She is one of the most conscientious and accurate people I know, she strives for the best from everyone she instructs as well as herself - whilst maintaining humour and understanding. She instructs a wide variety of people, which has helped with her flexibility and understanding of most people's needs



Gabriela has helped me understand Pilates from the foundations up, much more thorough and clear than any other Pilates classes i have attended in the past. For me Pilates has reduced recurring headaches and tension in my back. The classes are a welcome break in a hectic week.


After attending Gabriela’s beginners/improvers Pilates classes I am more aware of how to correct my posture, my core muscle tone has improved and I am not experiencing as much backache. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to improving further.




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